Human Rights Research Network


The international conference ‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 75: Rethinking and Constructing its Future Together’ is an initiative of the UGent Human Rights Research Network (HRRN).

Scientific Committee
Eva Brems, Giselle Corradi, Stef Craps, Marie-Benedicte Dembour, Ellen Desmet, Tine Destrooper, Marijke D’Haese, Jan Orbie, Didier Reynaert, Christel Stalpaert, Geert Van Hove

Organising Committee
Giselle Corradi, Ellen Desmet, Tine Destrooper

Operational Team
Kristien Ballegeer, Guido Bartolini, Magali Carel, Giselle Corradi, Alina Cherviatsova, Martine Dewulf, Elke Evrard, Nathan Herrebosch, Brigitte Herremans, Gustavo Prieto, Wannes Slosse, Tiny Vandoorne, Kristien Van Ingelgem, Emma Várnagy, Sofie Verclyte.

Advisory Board
Wouter Vandenhole
Stefaan Smis
Stephan Parmentier

Several activities that will take place within this conference are being co-created in partnership with societal stakeholders.

Please let us know at if your organisation wishes to get involved.