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Published on 04-12-2020, Last modified on 04-12-2020

Special issue Collateral: “Decolonizing English Literature”

Click here to read the Special issue of Collateral: “Decolonizing English Literature”, edited by prof. Stef Craps.


  • Ankhi Mukherjee: “Delayed decodings”
  • Une interview par Véronique Bragard: “Dévoiler les ténèbres de Conrad : à propos de l’oeuvre spectrale de Michael Matthys”
  • Mahlu Mertens and Gry Ulstein: “Decolonizing the Cli-Fi Corpus”
  • Laura Michiels: “A Sense of Being the Foreign-”: Unlearning Western Privilege in J. T. Rogers’s The Overwhelming