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Published on 28-01-2021, Last modified on 28-01-2021

Amnesty International Lecture 2021 by Adam Bodnar

28/04/2021 @ 20:00:00
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Adam Bodnar, Ombudsman and Human Rights Commissioner in Poland, has stood firmly for human rights in his country. Ghent University honors him this year with the Amnesty International Chair.

Every year, Ghent University awards the Amnesty International Chair to a person who makes a special contribution in the field of human rights. In 2021 that honor falls to Adam Bodnar. In recent years, Adam Bodnar has proven to be a restless defender of the rule of law and human rights in Poland, where the judiciary, the media and civil society are under pressure.


Adam Bodnar was elected Ombudsman and Human Rights Commissioner by the Polish Parliament in 2015. He is a doctor of law, lawyer and professor. His commitment to human rights has already won him several international awards, including the Tolerance Prize of the Polish LGBTI organizations in 2011, the Rafto Prize in 2018 and the Rule of Law Award in 2019.

Inspiring online lecture and panel discussion

On Wednesday 28 April 2021 from 20h00 to 21h30, Ghent University organizes a digital award of the Amnesty International Chair 2021 to Adam Bodnar. The laureate will give a keynote speech about his fight for human rights in the increasingly unfree Poland.

Adam Bodnar’s keynote speech will be followed by a live panel discussion with the laureate, Polish-Belgian philosopher and writer Alicja Gescinska and director of Amnesty International Belgium, section Flanders, Wies De Graeve.

After the panel discussion there will be time for questions from the public.

The event will be moderated by human rights professor Eva Brems.

Would you like to hear the passionate Polish human rights commissioner talk about his work and his country?

You can follow the online event live by clicking here